a savage wisdom

calligraphy by Jayarava - prajnaparamita


savage:  unconditioned, uncivilized, primordial, wild, fierce

wisdom:  knowledge, truth, intelligence, erudition, enlightenment


The title for this category came unbidden.  I questioned it; it seemed a touch severe.  The reminder came that once, on the long timeless journey to now, I was given a Dharma name by a kind Lama of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition: Yeshe Dolma. Yeshe means primordial wisdom.  OK, primordial I get, but savage?

Savage is a word that has broader contemporary usage and is perhaps more accessible than ‘primordial.’  One of the ways it is commonly used is as a transitive verb: to savage = to assault ferociously; to attack without restraint or pity.  Let me assure you that the word used in this way fits.  This wisdom savages the illusion of separation, as well as the self that believes in separation.  It is ruthless.

The dictionary definition of ‘unconditioned,’ ‘uncivilized’ also fits, for this wisdom concerns the Truth that is blocked only by concepts and beliefs – all of which are learned, conditioned patterns of mental activity.  Savage in this sense describes an intelligence that moves prior to the activity of thought’s labeling and categorizing.  Perhaps it is the energy of Life itself; perhaps it’s the movement of Love.  Whatever we label it, we lie.

Yet it will speak, it will express using the language of the lie.  This has always been the case.

Calligraphy credit

Prajñāpāramitā (Sanskrit: प्रज्ञापारमिता) means “the Perfection of (Transcendent) Wisdom” in Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is the mantra of the Heart Sutra:

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!

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21 thoughts on “a savage wisdom

  1. Wonderful explanation of your title. Although it resonated somehow and I never questioned it. You are correct, that whatever we label ‘it’ we lie. But ‘it’ is there. Gnawing at our bones. Perhaps that’s why we write. To set ‘it’ free.

    1. Thank you Deborah! I appreciate your comment – yes “gnawing at our bones” is apt.
      While IT has no form, IT seems to demand expression … I write because I want to see what gets expressed.
      ~ miriam louisa

  2. Never considered savage an apt descriptor for The Bright, but since it’s Your Choice, I now consider the matter settled. why? Why because I love Your Tone, Your Care, Your Breath on my shoulder as we read this moment.

    1. It came as a bit of a shock to me as well Cuore. Once it unraveled and revealed its aptness however, I was sold …

      I love your term “The Bright” – and it gladdens me to receive your beautiful poetic words of appreciation. Thank you.

      Breathing, deepening, bowing …

      ~ miriam louisa

    1. Yes, @bneal817 – the weavings are endless as we express the inexpressible …

      Thank you for visiting here and leaving your comments – I am delighted to have been introduced to your blog. Your writing speaks my language!

      Much love ~ miriam louisa

  3. how your words touch my heart … shredding all i ‘think’ knowing i participate in that exercise too much and then leaving me bruised for an instant-the whack upside the head perhaps?
    finally empty to begin to recall what i never forgot… life is steps into and out of every moment and we do not even see…perhaps if we did, savage would mean love…. and yes, we would indeed, lie…

    1. Ahhh – that resonance is so beautiful Linda. Thanks for visiting … incredibly, I was just looking at your blog a few moments ago! (It’s looking luscious.) Welcome over to WordPress – I’d never blog anywhere else.
      With love ~ miriam louisa
      Oh, and thank you for the ‘Like’ on echo 333 – “home-brand no-frills awareness” 🙂

    1. Amrita – I love to read your words – “In my direct experience.” Authenticity erases the common myths associated with awakening. Thank you for leaving your comment ~ ml

      1. Thank you so much for your interest Miriam.

        I have only just transfered my blog from a self hosted site where the company was a ‘little-bit-shady’. This is my first week and I am loving it 😉

        I am much happier now at WordPress.com – i should have done this years ago – lol

        Embracing the Mystery….


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