… what we are is intemporal,
just as what we appear to be is temporal,
and intemporality is what constitutes the Nth dimension,
which, as ‘N’, also represents Noumenon.
– Wei Wu Wei

‘n’, or ‘nth’, is sometimes used in the notes as an acronym for ‘now’, ‘this’, ‘here’. Mathematically speaking, ‘n’ is a term that means ‘to the limit’, ‘unto infinity’. It’s often used to denote an unknown degree or dimension of existence.

But since all mathematical measurements are necessarily taken from the position of the measurer, who is inevitably now and here, perhaps my usage of the term differs little, in essence, from the mathematician’s. Perhaps the elusive ‘nth dimension’ is, after all, to be found right here and now, in this inescapable present thusness?

The Nth Dimension, although itself no more than a conceptual analysis
of what we appear to be, is one that leads us directly and inevitably
to the noumenal source of our appearance which is, therefore,
what we are and all that we are.
– Wei Wu Wei


5 thoughts on “‘n’

  1. So, Kant was right on when he stated that the thing-in-itself (ding ansich), the noumenon, is unknowable to reason. It is so because it is seemless, without beginning and end. It is reality itself, which is timeless and has no scissions, divisions or qualities. Thus, a “thing” which encompasses/is ‘everything’. ‘N’ also can stand for the Aristotelian (and Platonic) ‘Nous’, which is pure act, without any potency (dunamis) remaining. The ‘unmoved mover’.

    Pure Intelligence, pure Consciousness, awaringness itself – pure ‘act’, instantaneous, Now.

    ‘Creation’ is Now.

    1. Thank you for this comment dear AM – it’s a beautiful and wise addition to the page.

      ~ miriam louisa

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