here it is



I don’t know what it is.


I can’t meet it face-to-face.

I can’t turn my back on it.


It’s impossible to flee from it.


If, by some wild grace

(I don’t know what that is, either)

it turns its all-knowing eye upon itself,

the default idea of duality

(by which I mean the unquestioned compulsion to label, define and separate)



Even the concept of ‘one’ is clearly one idea too many.


Knowing without a centre, without a knower,



It excludes nothing.  It has no preferences.


Separation ceases.


The old urge to know what it is,

how it is, why it is,

has become irrelevant, obsolete, laughable.


I say: here it is.  Show me how you can possibly ignore it.



– ml




Painting by Michael Leunig, Desert Song Man



16 thoughts on “here it is

  1. Warm, lucid, playful, inspiring, wise, empty, uplifting, quiet – everything that reminds me of you and the beautiful silence ❤️

  2. “Even the concept of ‘one’ is clearly one idea too many.” ~MLS

    “All things are happening.

    All things moving.

    All things becoming.

    All is a process. A process of Self becoming.

    The One is becoming that which is.
    This One is prime creator.

    For trillions and trillions of years will this expanding
    Self expression, Self-expulsion continue, until
    in an instant all shall return as One.

    Yet this One, this prime creator, the source of all things,
    this source process, this life giving mechanism is in itself
    just a miniscule fragment of something else.

    There is no end.

    All is a process of something else,
    even prime creator.”

    ~ Sparrow

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