Gautama saw this star


Clifton Mack: Jurlurrunha - Morning Star


Woken by a shift

in the Earth’s breath,

I sit in silence –

the pre-dawn hush

and my green tea for company.


In the east,

over the Pacific,

a bright star soars,

shaking off the shackles of night.

Its brilliance beggars belief.


I blink, I bow, a thought flashes:

Never forget that

more than two millennia ago

Gautama saw this star

and knew


{ as do you }


that nothing needed to be

understood, learned or believed

felt, integrated or expressed

fixed, healed or overcome

dropped or avoided

actioned or attained,

in order that his body’s naked awareness might meet itself

as the morning star.


{ Halleluja! }


the morning star rises

Image: Painting by Clifton Mack: Jurlurrunha – Morning Star
Clifton Mack is an elder of the Yindjibarndi people whose country is around the Millstream Tablelands in Western Australia’s Pilbara district.

17 thoughts on “Gautama saw this star

  1. Miriam at one time in my life I was an art dealer and represented an aboriginal artist. I’ve always felt that, as a people, their closeness to and reverence for the land was unparalleled.

    1. That’s my feeling as well John. Is there such a thing as conceptual art amongst the visual language of aboriginal peoples? (I can’t think of any – unless they are youngsters freshly brainwashed at art school.) Their expressions consist of lived encounters with the cosmos, the earth, its creatures and their relationships… about place and purpose. Perhaps that’s why non-indigenous people are so drawn to their art; it reconnects us with our roots.
      Sending you smiles across the miles!

  2. Halleluja, indeed! A beautiful work of art, and your words are a lovely accompaniment. And I truly appreciated the comment about “lived encounters with the cosmos”–an art in itself that indeed we seem to have lost in our conceptual mapping of the territory…


    1. Michael – thanks for your appreciative remarks. It seems that with “our conceptual mapping of the territory” we have become increasingly disembodied. I am currently undertaking an adventure into somatic awareness and finding the revelations of the body/earth/cosmos both shocking and exquisite. I simply had no idea…


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