breathing with the lake

Here I am.
Sitting in Paradise
Breathing the tide of clarity – in it comes
crystal-clear, out it goes,
often muddied by mind –
and I smile as this lifestream flows on
saturating each sensation, yet
paying no heed;
never cocking an eyebrow or casting a vote,
only ever reminding me:
Here I am
here and now
as This, and This and This.

The current version of Paradise finds me staying in a place of great beauty, beside a large lake. This entire year has unfolded as a series of deep retreats. It is a time for, and of, integration. Health issues are being lovingly tended and their emotional causality explored. It’s both harrowing and heart-swelling: Grace delivers whatever is needed, reminding me I signed up for the Full Monty.

Apropos of nothing (I never go fishing) these three small poems landed in my net:

Miriam Louisa Simons, Lake Macquarie, dawn


breathing with the lake

I am

Monet-mind beside the Seine



black swans glide by, curious:

pounding the lakeside path

a rainbow!



fog hiding the lake

one solitary oarsman

rows through melting space


Photograph taken from my zafu.

17 thoughts on “breathing with the lake

  1. Ah Miriam….how beyond words Perfect your worded expressions always are…. of One’s Depth of Soul…..ALWAYS ALWAYS they Touch and Smile the very Primordial Core and especially Auspicious is how they do this when i can feel estranged from Core….reading “you” brings this consciousness instantly back to Core/Home…(as though One could ever Really leave!)…..What a Blessing you are for all who Saturate with your Sharings….and can Sense your Spirit even without any words!
    With Infinite Love & Appreciation….Dorothea

  2. are you in France? We can almost wave to each other! Or have I just been fumblebrained again. Love this pearl: never cocking an eyebrow or casting a vote… casting a vote oh that is so helpful – as if my votes has anything to say aboutr anything

    1. I am often in France – and anywhere else mind moves to – but I think you mean am I living in France… no, dear Nina. Here I am here, beside a lake, in NSW Australia. 🙂

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