dances with bunnies

She-who-scribbles has been in d-e-e-p retreat for some weeks; don’t expect sense anytime soon.

Beatrix Potter - Dancing to a Piper, detail


Everything is dancing today.





all movement.


A rabbit pulls a pipe

from his waistcoat pocket,

then winks.


Breathes deep and fingers

a scatter of twinkling



This causes a few planets and I

to go nuts

and start a little jig.


Someone sees us,

calls a



tries to get me



being too




Listen: this world is a loony-bin.

It’s only real if you’re chronically


if you haven’t made the


into wild foolishness.


Even with its firmness

beneath my feet

and the mailman knowing

my street number


I hang out somewhere else:

with partying bunnies

and a cosmos spinning

in giddy delight.


Reading Hafiz’s poem Then Winks catapulted my brain over to Beatrix Potter and her partying rabbits. Or was it the other way around?
Purists will protest my highjack and mash-up of Hafiz’s words, forgetting that they aren’t even his – rather, they are the Hafiz-inspired outpourings of Daniel Landinsky.
Beatrix – who knew the truth about bunnies and most things – would smile knowingly.
Daniel – well, he knows what it is to be gripped by a verse and taken for a ride.
As for Hafiz – I’ll ask him next time we’re in our cups and jiving…

Beatrix Potter watercolour from bibliodyssey blog.

Then Winks, by Hafiz [Daniel Landinksy]

12 thoughts on “dances with bunnies

  1. Ha. i doubt that purists come to this place.Oh silliness, I ADORE you, and you who love sillies
    and I would love to share one of the zillion little sillytwitties I have made – :

    Twinkle, twinkle, little Tsar

    Little Nikolaj of the House of Romanov had a very sober mama, and the upbringing was English – so there was not so much twinkle in Nik’s early days. Maybe because of that, Nik felt a deep urge to decorate his horses with medals and jewelry he borrowed from his family members. One day his father Alexander caught him in the act of adorning his horse Freakin Awesome with Grand Cross of Unrelented Victory and with the blue diamond-necklace Tatarataaa from his grand grandmother. Or somebody. Alexander immediately understood the little boy’s need for bling and twinkle, and actually shed a tear or two, since he had had the same urge as a boy. So he simply removed the jewelry from Freakin and hang them on his son. Just this one time twinkle twinkle big time it was, and father and son bonded deeply.

  2. Loved this, Miriam! I sensed I was reading something familiar then saw it was a rendition of a rendition. Let the purists argue, while we laugh and whirl our way into the sunset! It was a delightful, delicious ride!


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