time forgets to tick

New Years Day, 2016 – according to the calendar. Three micro-poems which might or might not be haiku. I offer them as they landed. The first one is a selfie and makes me chuckle. The last – well, if you’ve experienced an Australian morning you’ll know about the predawn antics of the rowdy kookaburras… In between, a quiet reflection on – how it is.


Gerrit Dou: Old Woman with a Jug at Window



the caged bird long flown

an old woman waters flowers

time forgets to tick



abandoned at last

by meaning and purpose

I sit with my tea



3am – seems they know

it’s the dawn of a New Year



Image: Gerrit Dou, Old Woman with a Jug at Window, c 1660 – 1665
Oil on Panel, 28.3 x 22.8
Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna


15 thoughts on “time forgets to tick

    1. Thank you dear Tiramit – I feel your gentle company. I am alone, yes. But not lonely. The silly season is a great time for retreat!

      I wish you sturdy health, love and blessings for 2016. ❤

  1. All three are splendid! I was thinking about trying my hand just today at some haiku, but after staring at my keyboard for awhile, I felt that the letters were alright just as they were, they didn’t require my manipulations, so decided a nap would be time better spent. 😉

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