oh how I love being so deluded


Andrew Wyeth: Wind from the Sea, detail


I was asked to find my mind


I failed

I was asked to find my thoughts


I failed

I was asked to find my self


I failed


So then it seemed timely to try to find

the I

that was so successful at failing



it couldn’t be found


it can’t be escaped


oh how I love being so deluded

that simply watching words leak out of a pen

can deliver shameless delight!


Image: Andrew Wyeth – Wind from the Sea
Tempera on hardboard, 1947, detail
[What moves – the curtain or the wind?]
Source: Washington Post

All writing on this blog leaks from the pen of Miriam Louisa Simons.  Over at my other blog this unlit light, you’ll find more of a smorgasbord of writing, including some of my own.
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– mls
Copyright © Emptiness

5 thoughts on “oh how I love being so deluded

  1. paradox-a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.
    Yes, and yes! How does your leaky pen do it?

    1. Leaky pen says: ask Emptiness.

      Seriously Di, I can’t answer your question. That’s why I never cease to be amazed at what leaks from the pen.

      What I can say is that everything written is anchored in the reality of my own experience. But if I sat down with my ‘head screwed on’ to write about that experience the lines wouldn’t be worth reading.

      So wondrous! ❤

  2. Perhaps the dawn of wisdom is to simply cease being in conflict with one’s delusions. Oh, for the wonder of failure, portrayed so delightfully with your magically leaky pen!

    1. Exactly Bob! To cease being in conflict with one’s concepts – to realise that both enlightenment and delusion are concepts. Then one delights in ‘delusion.’ It’s so much more fun than the ‘enlightenment’ story.

      Maezumi Roshi used to say, “I prefer to be deluded.” I get it!

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