pop goes the poseur

Three mid-winter haiku.


Rengetsu - Uji River Teapot Scroll ca1840



winter in my hut

drafts shivering the rainbows

I sit with my tea



thoughts and thinker? wrong

thoughts-thinker-thinking: all one!

pop goes the poseur



zafu guru says

two thoughts cannot co-exist

I dive in the gap


Painting by RengetsuUji River Teapot Scroll

Source – The Rengetsu Circle

5 thoughts on “pop goes the poseur

  1. Thanks dear Louisa for introducing me to the delightful Rengetsu. I now feel like showered on the inside

    1. Rengetsu is my inspiration as a woman-wanderer whose creativity never waned with her ageing, but increased. I’m glad you followed the links and met her too Nina! x

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