early this morning


Miriam Louisa Simons - Stained Glass Morning, Missa Gaia Series


p e a c e

palpable as the presence of a Presence

yet utterly ineffable

a benediction without diction

beyond the grope of thought

a blessedness without symbol

not experienced as other but


– inescapably so –





immaculate all-adoring silence


Image: Miriam Louisa Simons – detail, Stained Glass Morning
Missa Gaia Series,
1987-88. Painting on silk, stitching.
Private Collection, Auckland New Zealand

wonderingmind studio

7 thoughts on “early this morning

  1. Thank you my dear friends Alberto and Bob. I love your feedback and appreciation.

    Your “play on Presence” is profound and wonderfully poetic Bob – I hope readers will click through to your site.


    1. Smiles. Thank you dear Cara. I loved the Rothko painting too – it captures the luminosity, the energy of the ‘blessing’. But “Stained Glass Morning” wanted to go with the post – it was very persistent. So I did something new (for me) and replaced the image.
      The way my ‘work’ has been expressing this seamlessness and other aspects of the inexpressible, for decades, without my yet having an articulate understanding, is so interesting to me. I am catching up slowly… thank you for noticing! 🙂

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