a bet against nothing


Karen Divine - iPhone photography


The suitors came a-courting –
some to convert; others
to conquer.

They built their bowers
and cast their glittering nets

it was a bet against nothing
and nothing always


See, I was taken at birth by
a groom I could never meet;
wed for life to Its presence

(inescapably cradled,

our consummation flowering
in my disappearance –
afresh in every instant.


My groom is the keeper of nothingness:
the nothing that can’t be named
or owned, yet

overflowingly fulfills.
It is my constant consort.
And so, tonight

I drink my wine and dance
How could I be happier?


Image:  iPhone photography by Karen Divine

Karen’s work is featured at my website the awakened eye

7 thoughts on “a bet against nothing

  1. I love it, and the picture works so well with the piece.

    Oddly enough I have something I have been working on that starts with almost the same line. So it must be good *winks and laughs*

    -sonmi upon the Cloud

    1. Perhaps there’s a meme doing the rounds! Equally oddly, I find my balloon soaring aloft just to know you are ‘working on’ a similar outpouring … watch out for me, I’ll be cloudside soon.

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