silence has found me

This poem was originally posted on one of my other blogs in 2009. During some cyber housekeeping I found it again and it spoke to me with the same intensity expressed six years ago. It wants to be shared here on ‘the echoes’. With love.


Johann Heinrich Füssli - The Silence


silence has found me

its ruthless simplicity
has culled the clutter
from closets
I never knew existed
in the corridors of my brain

its unstoppable tide
has drowned the demon
that danced through my days,
control, adjust, fix!

its throbbing roar
has muted the mutterings
of protest,
the pleas for reprieve,
from the screaming ‘me-me!’ myth

its yawning vastness
has swallowed whole
the impostor who once laid claim
to this luminous lifestream:
t i m e

its perfect love
has melted all that I took
to be me
in its crucible of fiery

and the receptors in these cells
heard the words
the whole world hungers
to hear:

you are loved!

how could it be otherwise
when separation from your essence
is impossible?


be silence

and Know


Image – Johann Heinrich Füssli, The Silence, oil on canvas, 1799-1801
Source – Wikimedia Commons

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20 thoughts on “silence has found me

  1. This morning I read the following: ‘… mind is a flow of thoughts, and a thought is a movement in consciousness… Total Consciousness is Absolute and we cannot talk of movement there, anymore than we can say that space can go for a walk – there simply is no outer space into which space can go for a stroll,’

    So, silence is absence of thought-movement, mind gone quiet.

    1. I’m delighted you are back in comment mode again, dear Alberto!
      Yes, it is exactly so… excellent quote. The silence spoken of here does not refer to the absence of noise, but “mind gone quiet” regardless of conditions. ⭐

  2. Wow, this is stunning! Really powerful and inspiring wise. I can really relate to the beautiful paradox it expressed for me of the wild passion and strong serenity that silence can bring about. Having just begun a year of volunteer cooking in a silent retreat centre, the timing is perfect. A friend sent the link to me, and I’m grateful she did. Thanks for sharing this with us, and rediscovering it for yourself. Blessings, Harula x

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