who are you when you aren’t there?

Drawing by Michael Leunig

who are you

when you’re not constantly

re-minding yourself

on social media?


when you’re not sharing

your selfies, your mundane and mediocre

daily details?


when you’re not broadcasting

your insights, your threadbare, faded



what do you see

when you’re not there

telling yourself the old stories

(identify – label – judge)?


when there’s no observer

standing separate from

texture, color, energy?


when time and space

disappear, taking out your memorybank (poof!)

leaving . . . . . . . . . what?


who are you in that apocalyptic instant

when you realise that

every hard-earned conviction you hold






is merely an empty concept?


who are you when you aren’t there?



[conceptual answers not permitted; keep emptying!]


Drawing by Michael Leunig – it also accompanies this post from the early days of ‘the echoes’:

sitting in this leaky boat called ‘me’


6 thoughts on “who are you when you aren’t there?

    1. Thanks for commenting Michael.
      Emptiness sometimes shocks me with a big stick; out go the “teacup ideas” of God and instead, one is inescapably face-to-face with the question of a lifetime… as you infer, it’s not the ego’s favourite topic.

  1. Hi Miriam. I happened to stumbleupon 🙂 your blog. Beautiful and very nourishing for the soul. Loved this post. I’m feeding my beautiful mind your words today, waiting to see what the next chatter brings up. Thank you with love.

    1. Well thank YOU @PreciousRhymes! Welcome to this little blog. It’s a curious space – I never really know what Emptiness will come up with next. Or when. But when someone leaves an appreciative comment it does tend to coax me into sharing something … so I’m grateful to you!

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