the shock of seamless intimacy

Miriam Louisa Simons: the shock of seamless intimacy


when the myth of separation erases itself

from the mind’s story-trove

one free-falls into a view (there’s no choice about it)

that’s viewerless

the shock of seamless intimacy is usually hair-raising

devastating, humbling

no separation! outside & inside – same!

repeat: same!

– – –

all those stories one tells oneself about oneself

and the mythical others

all those resolutions made in the aching lostness:

practice! diligence! discretion!

all those stern exclusions: the egotist, the phoney

the ignorant, the ‘evil’…

all those fantasies about embracing

some Unknowable Immensity


all those comforting conclusions; certitudes acquired

along a streaming lifeline

gone – synapses wiped

– – –

only this Nothing that excludes nothing

remains, on Its knees

utterly undone

fully full

and excruciatingly sweet

– – –


Image source unknown. Please notify me if it’s yours, so credit can be given. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “the shock of seamless intimacy

  1. Miriam, your expression ‘seamless intimacy’ is such an exquisite take on what you point to here; I must congratulate you on its origination, as with the remainder of this perfectly eloquent and deeply creative verse.

    In your further expression ‘a view. . . that’s viewer-less’, I am reminded of a book by Thomas Nagel called ‘The View From Nowhere’, which I think also suggests the non-local nature of your sublimely ‘seamless intimacy’.

    Hariod. ❤

    1. Dear Hariod, you are so generous! To have your feedback is precious – I consider it high praise indeed, coming from such an impeccable wordsmith as yourself. Thank you.

      I haven’t read Thomas Nagel’s book, but the title certainly aligns with ‘the viewerless view’; non-local, nowhere, yet ever “NowHere”.

      – Miriam, with love and gratitude

  2. wonderfull poem, it pushed out the me, the idea of a person, only silence, nothingness, no one here, no more judgements,

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