perhaps it is time?

Photo art by Christoffer Relander

would you believe me
if I assured you that
you can never be too old
(or too young)
to meet the unborn
deathless Bright
that is your actual identity?

would you believe me
if I whispered that you
and the world appearing
within that radiant
are inseparable
except in thought?

would you believe me
if I said, No, it is not
too late
to turn in, to dive down
into your immensity
and feel loved again by
your own shy Life?

if your days feel deadened
by weariness and futility,
if your world seems fragmented
and full of pain,
I implore you: please
don’t believe or not believe,
but glance, with thoughts
on hold,
at the ever-present invitation
to check this out for yourself
perhaps it is time?


Multiple exposure portrait by Christoffer Relander

15 thoughts on “perhaps it is time?

  1. Yes Miriam, sometimes it is better that we not hear too many answers, but rather hear a certain question, or as you put it, an invitation.

    Whilst answers may point to the direction of (psychical) travel, questions and invitations initiate the (psychical) travelling itself.

    With all best wishes, gratitude and respect.

    Hariod. ❤

    1. Thank you Hariod – I appreciate your insightful comment. It’s true, we must find both the questions and their answers from our own matrix if the ‘shift’ is to be authentic and embodied. I’m grateful for the invitations handed to me along the decades by those whose compassion knew no partiality.

      Bowing to you, wishing we could meet for a nice cuppa…

      1. Thoughts of loving kindness girdle the globe and come softly to rest in your front room. Steam rises in disappearing swirls of vapour as you gently fill the ceramic teapot; the exquisitely delicate sound of a silver spoon chinking against fine bone china; an outstretched arm presents, and I say ‘thank you Miriam, thank you’.

      2. Hariod, you are a marvel. It happened, just as you wrote. I felt every gesture, I WAS every nuance…

        Bowing ever deeper, in gratitude and respect…

    1. Thank you dear Amrita – nice to hear from you again.

      The photograph is the work of Christoffer Relander. There’s a link to his site at the bottom of the post.

      Hoping you are thriving…

    1. Hey Mark – lovely to hear from you!

      Imho it’s often a simple refusal to acknowledge what we know to be true that is the final hinderance. And yes, it’s only a thought.

      I love this poem fragment from David Whyte –


      …the miracle had come simply
      from allowing yourself to know
      that you had found it, that this time
      someone walking out into the clear air
      from far inside you had decided not to walk
      past it any more; the miracle had come
      at the roadside in the kneeling to drink
      and the prayer you said, and the tears you shed
      and the memory you held and the realization
      that in this silence you no longer had to keep
      your eyes and ears averted from the place
      that could save you, that you had been given
      the strength to let go of the thirsty dust laden
      pilgrim-self that brought you here, walking
      with her bent back, her bowed head
      and her careful explanations…

      Excerpt from “THE WELL”
      From Pilgrim: Poems by David Whyte
      ©2012 David Whyte

      Love and blessings to you, always.

  2. David Whyte is the poet that calls us home. He is that rare person who is like an icebreaker ship for the rest of us.

    1. Thank you for visiting Vicki! Yes, David is a rare person and poet indeed. I love your metaphor of an icebreaker.

      What amazes me about much that he writes, and this poem in particular, is the way he plucks the words I’ve been groping for to express my own experience right out of my mouth. Reminds me of that song “Killing me softly …” … “I felt he’d found my letters and read each one out loud” or something like. It’s an added layer of joy at his wordsmithing, which always satisfies me deeply.

      Blessings and love to you!

    1. Jeff – thank you for taking the time to comment. You’re so right; it’s so easy to forget and just merrily (or not) dream along thinking everything is carved up into subject and object. Language offers no help with this illusion!

      I’m so glad you benefited in some way from these lines.

      May your day be full of wonder!

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