have you seen my mind?

I’m not sure what it is about full moons, but they seem to turn on a tap of poetical scribblings here. June’s full moon: it’s cold and audaciously bright as it rises behind the tropical foliage that protects my terrace. Three haiku fall from my pen…

– – –

Bats flying across the full moon, NSW, Australia


here’s a state of Grace:

bats flying across full moon –

my webbed wings, aloft

what a paradox –

my greedy seeking has ceased

yet nothing was found

have you seen my mind?

I can’t find it anywhere

though it’s right in my face!


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12 thoughts on “have you seen my mind?

  1. have I seen your mind?
    I just found it on the floor
    I mistook it for my own

    It was all wet
    I hung it in the sun for drip-drying
    a bird is nibbling from it

    1. Perhaps there’s only the “hearing” Alberto… the hearing of the scribe, the hearing of the reader. (We won’t go into whether the scribe or the reader can actually be found!)
      Thank you for commenting.

      1. He cannot be found as other, or either here or there.

        “That whichis not heard by the ear but by which the ear hears – know that to be Brahman. Brahman is not the being who is worshiped of men… That which cannot be expressed in words… comprehended by the mind…, etc.”. Kena Upanishad.

      2. Thank you for sharing, dear A – oh you love your quotes don’t you! The one you offer is in total accord with the experience of what I would call “earless hearing” here. “Brahman” is a useful concept I suppose, but means little to me. I simply look for separation and find none. Ever.
        In gratefulness, M

      3. Thank you Miriam. It is that, in my experience and understanding… and appreciation, there is no deeper and more poetic way of expressing Truth than in the Upanishads. It is the highest philosophy– and most people need to be guided (by themselves or others) in right thinking in order to understand what is real, the reality of themselves and of all life. The Upanishads are a mystical body of knowledge which you can also call science (science of reality). Of course, it is only a means, not the end itself – if one is or considers him/herself a seeker; good poetry is another way or means. But reality is also the means (once one understands), as walking itself is the path, following Machado (“se hace camino al andar”).

    1. Me too Colleen – up there, they were headed over to Fraser Island at dusk; I’m not sure where they are headed from Mullumbimby. Maybe over to the coastal wetlands…
      Lovely to hear from you here! xx

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