Dervish Dancer

there is a joy
that’s neither an emotion nor a feeling;
that’s unaffected by unkind words
spat from spiteful mouths;
that’s unwounded by hurtful gestures –
off-handedness, rudeness, scorn

there is a joy
that pulses on regardless
of the world’s apparent disarray –
the distress, the abuse and denial –
a joy from which one is choicelessly
propelled into impartial action

there is a joy
that has no opposite, or cause;
it can’t be cultivated or contained,
bought or sold,
given or attained,
yet you’ll never escape its presence

there is a joy
that trashes all your
“teacup ideas” of transcendence;
that sets your wild fearless heart
spinning like a dervish
amongst the sorrows of the world


Image: Rumi on Facebook

9 thoughts on “joy

    1. For some reason WordPress has made the image credit at the foot of the post very tiny, easy to miss. It comes from the Rumi Facebook page – a beautiful oasis of his poetry with scrumptious images.

      I can see you turning Amrita… arms relaxed… joyfully at home “amongst the sorrows of the world” x

  1. I am so grateful that people like you can put into finely crafted, beautiful words the feelings and thoughts that are just out of my reach to give words to. Thank you, I feel inspired!

    1. Dear Liesbeth – what a kind and generous comment you have written. I appreciate your words, and love that you’ve found some inspiration here. Please come back again – Emptiness loves to know Itself through readers like yourself. 🙂

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