raking rocks on the emptiness allotment


what I’ve noticed
since the free-fall into foolishness
is that
only a phantom called ‘me’
with its program of personal purpose
and its visions of attainment
– whether altruistic or mundane –
could demand of Life
(when the shit hits the fan)

but why?

why me?


Echoes from Emptiness: Ingo Leth: the spirit of zen, 2011, acrylic paint on linen

a space-filled nobody
(the absence of a ‘me’body)
makes no demands;
it doesn’t mind what happens

it has no agenda beyond
the health and well-being of the organism
(all organisms actually)
and no fantasies of an improved future

it just streams on regardless
from now to now to now
often wearing a quiet smile
and surreptitiously
more playmates to rake rocks
on the emptiness allotment

(the home base, dears,
of radical activism)

Painting by Ingo Leth

8 thoughts on “raking rocks on the emptiness allotment

  1. but why? or what i like to ask is, why does it have to be this way? The response to my question is silence, which so happens to be the answer, lolol. i like to ask questions, it has served me well and not so well 🙂 have a great day ml.

    1. Yes Lord Bhakti – some questions serve us well. They tend to be the ones that don’t involve a ‘me’ – that flow as impersonal curiosity out of that silence, which has been poetically termed “the emptiness allotment” in this post.
      I love your unique “activism”! 🙂

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