whatever It is

Echoes from Emptiness - Black Hole 7 by Fabian Oefner


whatever It is
that delivers these words
(unreachable by mind’s intent)
through this form

that’s what I pray to


whatever It is
that cracks open this heart
(circumventing mind’s cynicism)
to bathe me in bliss

that’s what I call love


whatever It is
that heals this weary wounded body
(unaided by any out-sourced effort)
restoring it while I sleep, oblivious

that’s what I hold sacred


whatever It is
that births and sustains creation
(immeasurable by mind’s technologies)
unfindable, yet apparent wherever my senses alight

that’s what I bow down to


whatever It is
that is moved by grace
(which is just another word for the unwordable)
to pray, to bow, to melt into the sacred

that’s whatever It is

entertaining Itself


Image credit: Fabian Oefner

14 thoughts on “whatever It is

  1. I like the reason for the poem. Each of us different in needs and thoughts.I like how you led the reader to thoughts and the answers. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

    1. Thanks for your comment @johncoyote. There was just a movement here to “tell it like it is”, since devotion is often misunderstood, and a poem happened. I’m glad you could hear…

  2. Thank you. You speak my language. This is as close as we ever get to fitting It into words. In a world focused on the concrete and absolute, this ineffability is my refuge.

    1. I agree Marva, it’s tricky to express the inexpressible – I am always amazed when a piece like this “downloads”.
      I meet you in this ineffability, where we know no separation…
      Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting, @rsfdeep. As the piece was being written, I thought for some time that the 4th verse was the last one. Then along came the 5th, and I went “oh yea”… now I can’t decide which one I like best!
      I’m happy you are soothed by the writing. It works that way for me too…

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