‘me + world’ or ‘me = world’?

'me + world' or 'me = world'? You get to decide your stand in the great Game of life.


is either ‘for’ or ‘against’
your being free

one of my teachers sagely pointed out
that everything is definitely ‘against’

then along came another who shook
her curls and laughed:

it’s all set up for your delight!
how could you bear to miss one morsel?

they were both right of course –
it all depends on whether one’s view
is from the look-out of ‘me + world’

or ‘me = world’

in their compassion and kindness
both gave me the key
to the secret of secrets:

you get to decide which look-out you’ll accept
and which version of the Game you’ll play

you get to decide




[That’s the Game in a nutshell. Which version are you playing?]

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11 thoughts on “‘me + world’ or ‘me = world’?

  1. I seem to be jumping to and fro – cursing the one moment, and then suddenly gigging and jumping –
    but the wonderflower here is PLAYING –
    thanks for that reminder:)

    1. You sweet young thing!
      Seriously though – we’re talking here about a view that normally (according to the sages) takes lifetimes to grok.
      My tuppence-worth is: Forget the rules… they are nothing but a huge school of red herrings.

    1. I love the image of the tightrope – and yes, once the big ‘look-out’ is seen, walking the rope is soooo interesting. Thanks for your comment @rupafitz.

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