the unborn flower of nothing


if you want to know
the Unknowable start by
throwing out the absolute
and the relative and
everything between

and should you be blessed
with the capacity to survive
the free-fall
of your o-so-precious
intellectual infrastructure
into roaring silence
into spaciousness
into stillness

then you’ll know that Knowingness as
“the unborn flower of nothing”
and you’ll be its own soft echo
as it sings its eternal song
to itself


Echoes from Emptiness - the unborn flower of nothing


Who would dare to go nameless in so secure a universe?
Yet, to tell the truth, only the nameless are at home in it.

They bear with them in the center of nowhere the unborn flower of nothing: 
This is the paradise tree.
It must remain unseen until words end
and arguments are silent.

– Thomas Merton


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. May your life blossom on the paradise tree, fulfilled and at peace in every way. You are so loved!

Image source unknown – if it’s one of yours please let me know so that I can give proper credit.

15 thoughts on “the unborn flower of nothing

    1. Thank you for leaving such an appreciative comment Di – I am happy it landed safely; for some weird reason “likes” aren’t appearing today … even though WP has notified me of them!
      I wish you and your dear ones a wondrous 2014. xx

  1. much love to you, sister -laughing at the silliness of wishing you a happy new year, but you know what I mean, don’t you:)

      1. It would be a wonderful title for a poem Leelah, but in this instance I borrowed “The Paradise Tree” from the quote from Thomas Merton at the bottom of my post.

    1. Indeed she does dear Alberto! It’s not a frivolous preference; she can’t find anything objective or separate, not even a Knower or a Witness – except poetically-speaking of course. Where would we be without poetry’s license to lie?

      Bowing, as always…

  2. Ah Forgetting words from one minute to the other…

    and one big smile – a misreading:

    Where would we be without poetry’s license to lie?

    Bowling, as always…

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