we need rain


Echoes from Emptiness: Jacarandas, Kiels Mountain, Queensland


a violet shower cascades
from the tops of the jacarandas

the kookaburras are shaking the canopy,
breakfasting with glee

what can you say about a giggling tree
a smiling cloudless cerulean sky
and a bunch of birds
with beaks-full of cackle?

just this:

emptiness is fulsome and fabulous
and shaking with laughter

while we, on our tinder-dry mountain
sniff the whiff of early bushfires
and wish it would wet itself soon


Photo – Miriam Louisa Simons

7 thoughts on “we need rain

  1. The photograph of the Jacarandas was taken from in front of my hermitage – they are in full splendor all over SE Queensland (and probably elsewhere as well) at the moment. Glory!

  2. uncountable beings act out their inevitability
    some unconcerned, others concerned
    all different, all the same

    have you noticed?
    Emptiness makes no distinctions
    has no preferences

    – ml

  3. ’emptiness is fulsome’… always.
    I wonder why we so often have this sense of being empty, of lack, while it has all the way been full to the brim.
    It’s another beautiful poem Miriam, that both makes us feel the particular hot setting you are in, and yet the same empty-full space we are sharing…
    We’re here slowly entering into the winter now, with the first snow showing.
    Thank you always,
    ~ Alain

    1. A beautiful comment Alain – thank you.

      I can only speak for myself, and for me the sense of being incomplete is always an indicator that I’m believing my current thought/feeling is a true indicator of how it really IS, and what I really AM!

      Thoughts/feelings arise ceaselessly, always presenting a new take on the moment. The only “escape” for me is to return to Zero – to Presence – and to notice that it is always unaffected, unchanged, and could care less about my emotional weather or feelings of lack.

      I love that you meet the poems with a wide embrace of what they attempt to express … I’m not at all sure that most readers have this resonance. (But I am totally sure it doesn’t matter at all!)

      To inhale some of your cool snow-speckled air would be a treat…

      Love, always, ml xox

  4. BEautiful… I too was taken by the phrase “emptiness is fulsome”… such a powerful truth. I do hope the earth receives much needed rain where you are and in many places soon… perhaps a bit of sun in places that are far to wet and flooded.

    1. Laura! Such a sweet surprise to know you’ve been over at the “echoes”, and that you (like me) are “taken” by this phrase – “emptiness is fulsome”. It raised my hair when it landed.

      So many changes seem to be afoot on our home planet. Drought. Flooding. Extreme and destructive weather. Where will we go to receive succor, and clarity as to the way forward?

      For me – Silence is salvation. That’s where the “echoes” find space. And never fail to surprise and illumine me…

      Love to you, ml xx

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