all bugged up : breathing in…


Echoes from Emptiness - Yeshe Tsogyal


breathing in

I smile

[lungs rattling, terrorist bugs at war with antibiotics, cough like a dying camel,
green goo by the spittoon-full, aching chest, watery eyes]


breathing out

I smile

[silence, stillness, serenity, pristine perfect, incorruptible, immovable,
unknowable Awareness – – – utterly unaffected]


breathing in, breathing out

being breathed


being bugged


I smile


Image source

A deep bow to my Dharma namesake and inspiration, Yeshe Tsogyal

5 thoughts on “all bugged up : breathing in…

  1. Leelah – “namesake”: a person or thing with the same name as another.

    Many years ago I was given the Dharma name Yeshe Dolma by a wonderful Lama who twigged that my abiding interest was “primordial wisdom” (Yeshe). The life and wisdom of Yeshe Tsogyal has always been such an inspiration for me.

    Thank you for your “loving de-buggment”!


  2. I have read a book about her and other Buddhist women saints. It was written by a female American author who also wrote a lot about Chød

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