if there’s no ‘there’ out there…

Meditating Woman - sculpture by Dorothy Frankel


I keep on checking
but I always fail to find
a ‘within’ or ‘out there’
apart from thoughts in mind


so how can I ‘go within’
to ‘nurture’ the Immeasurable
or ‘cultivate’ it in the world
when ‘world’ and ‘me’ are inseparable?


if there’s no ‘there’ out there
(and this isn’t hard to see)
the buck stops right here
in this matrix called ‘me’


with nowhere to go
and nowhere to hide
no inner, outer, higher or lower
the heart can open wide


can kiss each wondrous moment
with a love that can’t be taught
the only way you’ll stop it
is to entertain a thought



Sculpture: Meditating Woman by Dorothy Frankel


12 thoughts on “if there’s no ‘there’ out there…

  1. Those fully alert are as one with the world; an entertaining thought indeed. Lovely language, phrasing and tone here – very well done.

  2. ….but yet one cannot stop the thoughts. So it is important to realize that you are not the owner of those/these thoughts. as the epic battle ensues. thank you ml 🙂

  3. I just had a Skype-play-sharing with a friend on exact the same theme. We both love to play with the me-thought – we’re both willing to see that it might not be us – and that’s as “far” we are right now LOL
    -but so fun to play

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