three haiku from cloud mountain hermitage

At the beginning of this month I moved into an old (but beautifully renovated) farm cottage on Kiels Mountain, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia. It is high enough to attract rain and mist, which are welcome visitors so far as the rainforest and its inhabitants are concerned.


Echoes from Emptiness: Kiels Mountain rainforest hermitage


And in spite of being only a few kilometers from local villages, the beach and coastal busyness, it has the feel of remoteness. It is my Cloud Mountain, and I am a happy hermit. In my morning scribblings, haiku begin to appear:


Mistiness in close –
drowning out my loneliness,
a Currawong choir.


Lost; an innocent
here, in spacious aloneness –
something Wild finds me.


Alone in the bush,
befriended by Beingness,
I stop asking why.


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16 thoughts on “three haiku from cloud mountain hermitage

  1. Sounds like a wonderful place, this cloud mountain hermitage you have moved into!
    These three just as wonderful haïku are testifying to it…
    And they all together form another beautiful poem!
    Thanks dear Louisa, dear happy hermit…
    ~ Alain

    A new horizon awoke
    Better hope won’t stain it
    For it has to be happening

    And now
    And again

    1. Thanks Alain – for your kind feedback and your own wise-hearted poem. It’s a lovely spot alright, but not nearly as dramatic as your spectacular mountain environment in La Giettaz…

  2. Seems like you haven’t been posting as late….and now know why. Ahhh…..retreat of the happy hermit! The gifts of nature abound in Silence…..your post makes me consider a desert retreat again…..xx

    1. It’s true Kia – the move, plus some health difficulties, has meant less time and energy for blogging. Plus, I obey no rules when it comes to writing and posting – they both happen according to their own sweet rhythms.
      The “gifts of nature” are so prolific here – forest, birds, crawling and slithering and hopping creatures… one is in such wild and wondrous company! You and your camera would be in heaven…

      1. Sounds wonderful! As Silence, the natural world is so immediate and so glorious! Hope your health issues are resolving. Seems like an ideal setting, glad it has extended its invitation. shanti, shanti….xx…kai

  3. I have enjoyed reading your various blog posts which I came across in my web searches for someone in Australia who has abiding awareness in non duality. Apart from Sailor Bob in Melbourne and a woman near Adelaide I have non been very successful. Imagine my surprise when you turned up right in my backyard. I am at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. If it were possible to get together sometime I would be very grateful.
    Bob G

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