can you, do you, live this savage wisdom?


impossible! see

this ultimate knowingness
isn’t a teaching, a path, a doctrine
one can ‘live’ or embody

(although the earnest peddlers
of nonduality apps
would love you to buy the notion)

you can’t “live this savage wisdom”

it’s what’s living you

and not just when you’re clear and angelic
oh no
it’s living you when you’re a mess: lost, confused, angry,
seducing and story-telling

its play is infinite

it has no preferences;
it loves all that it creates and beholds

and because You and It are inseparable
your recognition of this
is ITs total fulfillment

it’s how IT gets its jollies!


"It's how it gets its jollies!"


(c’mon, wake up, don’t be a party-pooper!)


Uncredited image found in an archive on my hard drive and played with in Photoshop. Please contact me if you recognize it as your work and I’ll add your name.


19 thoughts on “can you, do you, live this savage wisdom?

    1. Thanks for your comment Adrian – lovely to know you resonate with this ‘SW’.
      The weird thing is that we actually ARE the “doer” – except we don’t recognize that it’s doer with a big D, and immense beyond measure.
      Chuckles ~ ml

  1. Not you, but Yyou – two in One. Better to refrain from making comments to such éclaire: manifestation of light (not the piece of pastry, with cream et all).

    1. Don’t we all, Leelah!

      Memo for each new day – Seek Jollies. Indulge Jollies. That way we know we are OnSide … OnBeam …

      (BTW, this little word has the same root as JOY.)
      Love and xxx

    1. Of course you can share! The echo-eavesdropper has no interest in ownership of this blog’s content – but Emptiness might like a mention. Hehe.

      Love to you, wonderful Amrita

    1. d – you are such a delicate dandelion – one puff and you’re gone!

      I’m just loving your blog/s. We’re in the same patch, wide open to the next breeze blowing in from Emptiness….

      Bowing low ~ml

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