surfer chick


Echoes from Emptiness: tunnel surfer


I’ve been there
crouched low,
riding a tunnel wave

but it wasn’t in that
rolling roaring wetness

it was in this
ocean of Being


imagine my amazement
to discover – here
in this human form –
an aging amphibious


Image source unknown – if it’s yours, please advise!

8 thoughts on “surfer chick

  1. Just wanted to share this after reading your post, a recent dream: sitting on a surfboard in the ocean, others around a bit of jostling for space, suddenly I am inside the tunnel, huge wave overhead, total silence, stillness. Then I realize I will have to go through the massive wave to get out, so I just let go and move through the wall of water into the sunlight. (end of dream) and no, have never surfed….and yet, aren’t we all surfing the wave….shanti….xx

    1. Such an amazing dream Kai – thank you for sharing it here. I’ve had similar dreams, and always wake up wondering at the way consciousness can create such an experience – with the entire range of sensation accurately experienced – when one has (apparently) not had the experience in ‘real time’.
      Yes I agree – we are all “surfing the wave” of life. Perhaps this explains the passion of those who are serious about surfing – it’s such a powerful metaphor.
      Love to you and Chris

      1. Thanks dear! About 12 years back lived on Maui for awhile and would often see the surfers – many of them talk how deeply spiritual surfing is for them. I could imagine riding a wave requires total concentration, total Being Here Now – and returning the Love and Shanti…kai

      2. Wow! Just discovered the beautiful expressions through your art! So so nice to see! Now have another blog of yours to follow – (once upon a no-time played around with painterly visuals too, now words and photos seem to be the medium)….xx….kai

    1. Amazing how the words turn up on the page isn’t it Amrita? I looked and thought “Cool – wish I’d written that!”
      Thanks for your feedback dear friend.

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