I have to go

when my love
for the wondrous world grows dull
and the world stops stopping
at the sill of my senses

my wild naked knowing
that where I find myself
is a place I’ve outgrown

it knows
my pool has become safe
and stagnant
and whatever it is in this blood
that drives me upstream
will not take no for an answer:

I have to go

. . .

I will gasp in a new atmosphere
I will feed on unfamiliar fodder
I will ignore the old mating calls

. . .

what’s clear is this:  on the far side
of comfort, habitude and certainty
creativity flourishes
and creativity is life’s unknowable agenda


3 thoughts on “I have to go

  1. This fills me up! And makes me see that strangely, with me it is the other way around: having lived with familiar terror all my life, I too am called to new landscapes: the wondrous landscapes of gentleness, of small silly delicate details, of adoration of life where all details are worlds withing worlds and i am loved in all of them
    warm hugs

  2. Frost

    Notice each windowpane has a different
    Swirling pattern of frost etched on the glass.

    And notice how slowly the sun melts
    The glaze. It is indelible: a fossil of a fern,

    Or a coelacanth, or a derelict who
    Rummages in his pockets and pulls out a few

    Apple cores. Notice the peculiar
    angle of light in the slow shift of sunrise.

    Where is the whir of the helicopter?
    The search for escaped convicts in the city?

    Be amazed at the shine and the wet.
    Simply to live is a joy.

    ~ Arthur Sze ~

  3. It stopped me from breathing for a moment. How beautiful dear Louisa!!!
    comfort, habitude and certainty
    creativity, here…….those are the words I keep saying over and over and over again….. they are my call for help, they are my prayers.
    Thank you

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