three rainforest haiku

Why is it that in the rainforest one’s thoughts are delivered in clusters of 17 syllables?


Echoes from Emptiness: Rainforest Palm


festooning this palm

the then, the now and the next

my fleeting life’s fruit


not yet eight o’clock

and the far ridge is hazing

summer burns the bush


no cell phone signal

a total power blackout

listen! the wind sighs


8 thoughts on “three rainforest haiku

  1. Lovely peace reading this and looking at the tree-creature – and my neighbor -liker has a lovely blog too, very much in family with yours

      1. Oh! that was a surprise – that kind of green was not consciously in my mind when I said that. I am grateful that I DO share these messages even though I have no idea what they really mean 🙂

    1. Thank you Ruth – the sounds of the forest are so subtle and almost secretive. Today: dripping, dripping… Jewels sparkling everywhere. Mists in close. A perfect place for a hermit!

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