I toppled into the Venus flytrap


propelled by memories of childhood intimidation
I toppled into the Venus flytrap called wee-me
my body’s ultra-sticky reflexive reactions
instantly creating a powerless self
that set about consuming itself


propelled by the practice of presence
I fell back into the changeless nameless
numinous no-thing-ness
where nothing can stick or stain
and neither self nor no-self are on the menu

nothing special


4 thoughts on “I toppled into the Venus flytrap

  1. Oh yes, i know that sticky trap well. Your ways of expressing this are so sweet ~ Thank you Dear Friend ~ just love the lightness you exude ~

    1. It’s always amazing to me when the words ‘download’, dear @gentlybe – sometimes quirky, odd, funny, sometimes strict, stern. I can’t take any credit – but like you, I love the *lightness* that flows through … thank you for leaving a comment!

    1. “nothing special” – and that’s exactly the feeling – relief. We can relax. We can simply fall into the arms of the Beloved, the One that is always waiting, that never changes … ahhhhh

      Where’s your lovely avatar?

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