a willingness to disappear


analyze and adapt
diagnose and dialogue
formulate and fix
trance, track, tap:
so many ways to place
patches on the pain
of fragmentation

we call it healing
and invent new modalities by the minute
to ease the symptoms, which also
multiply by the minute, fattening the catalogue
of official psychological disorders

but until the trickster called time
is exposed and deposed
our little healings are just brief remissions
from the ache of incompleteness

to heal is to make whole

that’s why the true sages carry no band-aids
but go straight to the root of fragmentation
– time –
conjurer of the ‘me’-mirage
with its default sense of separation
and its insatiable appetite for union

they know that the ending of time
restores immeasurable wholeness
– no faith, no belief, no training required

only a willingness to disappear
into now and this and here


6 thoughts on “a willingness to disappear

  1. NB – This post addresses the psychological sense of separation that drives the wheel of spiritual seeking; it is in no way intended as a directive for those needing psychological care for serious disorders of any kind.

  2. Dear Miriam,
    Do not fret over these so-called band aids, it is all part of It’s doing. All you can do is wish for one to be happy doing whatever is to be done. At some point the karma will play out and allow one the time to look towards the inside, but until then it is all good 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. No fretting happening here dear Myles – 🙂 – thank you for sharing your vast view!

      “doing whatever is to be done” -happily – is exactly how these little *echoes* came into form a decade ago. They transcribed themselves from Emptiness, one a day, for a year. Karma playing itself out, as you say – as is their retrospective posting here. As the numbers indicate, we’re coming to the end of that little project …

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