take a look, sister


Sometimes the *echoes* come up with a question for this scribbler on her zafu.

Sometimes it’s koan-like, and she sits with it stuck in her jaws, unable to swallow it or spit it out, while her brain reorganizes itself around the seed that’s cracking the conceptual concrete.

Sometimes it’s a direct hit at her self-honesty – slap!  This morning’s was one of those.


Is your wideawakeness (aka enlightenment, awakening, realization, mindshift…)
big enough to contain every expression of Beingness?

Do you still have preferences for some, and find others a bit freaky?

Are you rattled when disagreed with, and fluffy when folk are in accord?

Do you harbor the notion that others will get to “where you’re at”
and understand you, one day?


The reach of your compassion reveals the degree of your wideawakeness:
take a look sister.




9 thoughts on “take a look, sister

  1. discovered there was more I wanted to say… Each of us, every day, needs to take that look. As you well know, awakening is each moment. We don’t own it! It must be lived–now and now and now.
    I’m interested in emailing you privately. Are you open to that?

  2. I have fixed an annoying CSS error with this template (I also use this theme because of the minimalist style)

    it concerns the share section spacing.

    you can see what i mean – i took a screen shot of your site
    see here: https://skitch.com/revivalasia/eq2yn/skitched-20120826-003752

    this is what the fix looks like (on my site)
    see here: https://skitch.com/revivalasia/eq2yc/skitched-20120826-004123

    I am not sure if you have purchased the customize add on for wordpress.com but here is the fix you can add that gets rid of that issue

    .single .hentry h3.sd-title {
    margin-top:0px !important;



    1. Steve – thanks for your input! I haven’t purchased the customize option for this blog. I certainly agree that your ‘fix’ improves the layout … but this blogger isn’t very tech-savvy, and wouldn’t know where to insert the code!

      I’m blown away by the beauty and wisdom of your poetry – thank you for leading me to your blog. What an inspired title: ‘soulshift’

      ~ ml 🙂

      1. Wow, I am honored Miriam!

        I also have delighted in your thoughts and way with words…

        Life is indeed an incredible journey and I find I have to write in order to really know what I think, more than ever in the last months.

        A lot of my recent works have been dealing with transition to a totally new paradigm of awareness

        Have you heard of Zayra Yves – Spirit Infused Poetry

        She is a master at word-crafting with simplicity, delivering that special punch to the solar plexus of the soul. It makes you sit back silently, and wonder…

        I based my ‘My Drowned Cathedral’ on one of her works…

  3. BTW
    The line above,

    ‘Are you rattled when disagreed with?’

    resonates with me and so many others I believe, who hide in the shadows of our need to be needed. That was me for years!

    But there is that place I believe where whole libraries of criticism could be heaped upon us and we simply smile, and perhaps hiding a tear as well, for those that would resort to such.

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