the myth of merging


Expressing the inexpressible is so tricky.  As soon as words are uttered – or even thought – there’s duality by default, and the inexpressible is nondual by default.

Poets often speak of merging into oneness but this is misleading and mistaken, because, well, oneness being one, who or what could be outside it to “merge”?

There’s no merging involved in wild wideawakeness.  There’s just a waking up to the realization that nothing has ever been divided up – except by thought and language.

Wild wideawakeness embraces the totality of creation – as you, in you, and believe it or not – thanks to you.


4 thoughts on “the myth of merging

  1. “Expressing the inexpressible is so tricky ”

    But you did it! Using words to say (express) what is beyond words; it only seems like a paradox, but it is not a miracle, that is, language seemingly extending itself beyond its own capabilities. Anyway, *miracles* and paradoxes are also expressions of (uncontainable) reality.

    That reality (consciousness or awareness) is the container, a big container. Everything “inside it”, including thought, language, and feeling partake of it’s reality, so ‘merging’ is only apparent, since, as you say, there is no real division.

    1. Martin – thanks for sharing your wise and vast perspective – beautifully expressed, as always. There’s nothing, nada, outside THIS – nor inside, for where can a boundary be found? Boom!

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