schizophrenia and the sacred


I can sing about You
I can BE You

I used to feel torn in two
and thought I’d missed a cue
but now it’s clear:

it makes no darned difference to You!

this untreatable schizophrenia
is my natural sacred state.

either I can sing about You
or I can BE Your roaring silence

whatever role I think I play
is You, playing for Your own delight
absorbed in either
preferring neither

it’s all the same to You!


6 thoughts on “schizophrenia and the sacred

  1. this is amazing both in your beautiful poetic way and in seeing schizophrenia in a blessed and fearless way.

    I have stood in that place “alone” . unenlightened . fear-full…….. it was many years before acceptance …before i saw ME in All… my essence as One … non-dual. non-separate. both perfect and imperfection. a shining moment.


    1. “… a shining moment” indeed sweet Linda. Thank you so much for sharing this glorious nondual knowing of your “essence”, and for using that key word – acceptance. We tend to think that acceptance is a passive gesture, but oh … it often lies on the other side of massive (and inexplicable) resistance.

      Blessings to you too ~ ml

    1. Hello Martin – exactly. It just seems there’s a gap, and we have to assign a name to it.

      Sorry for the delay in answering your welcome comment – I’ve had visitors from Spain!

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