from where I’m looking


The sky is powder blue and cloudless.

Like a cartoon cut-out
defiant against the celestial foreverness
stands a tall straight palm,
its huge bracts lavishly festooned with nectar berries –
breakfast au plein air for birds, beetles, insects.

High above the bracts,
the palm fronds erupt into a wild dance
celebrating – as though their lives depended on it.

Behind the palm and the security fence
the surface of the swimming pool is tickled
by the quirky breeze.  It trembles.

Nodding demurely by its edge
clusters of coral bougainvillea
saturate the eye with impossible tropical color.

This is ‘n’ – the thusness of now-this-here
in which quivers of yearning
and shudders of aversion
find no place.

Everything, everything
exists as ubiquitous Presence
presenting Itself to Itself.

Just so.


3 thoughts on “from where I’m looking

  1. I love these two lines:
    the surface of the swimming pool is tickled
    by the quirky breeze. It trembles.

    Beautiful and great imagery. Stumpled upon your site by accident, but glad I did. Sending a friend your way as well, that I’m sure will love your stuff.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Tom – I’m glad you landed here (I don’t believe in accidents though!)

      Your blogs are rich and cover much ground. I made my way to the *Spiritual Techies* one – great title – and have been feasting over breakfast. Yum.

      Happy Sunday to you and your family ~ ml

      1. Glad you like Spiritual Techies. It’s oft the most neglected one. For my meager attempts at poetry, head over to The poems are more fun and autobiographical than anything, but there are a few winners in there. 🙂

        Looking forward to reading more of your stuff and getting to know you better through your writing!

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