today …


the sun rose
with no sympathy for a small-time insomniac

the heart sang
drowning out mind’s misery-mongering

an unavoidable Presence ‘watched’
aloof and impartial
and yet inextricably absorbed
within every thought and feeling and deed

(there was caring and cleaning and caring and cooking and caring
and shopping and caring and listening and caring and playing and caring
for the adorable ancients whose turn it is to be my toddlers)

the sun set

the heart sang
its little song of gratitude


2 thoughts on “today …

    1. I’m delighted to see you back here dear friend. Thank you – your comment reveals the depth of your wisdom. The mystic’s gaze – the gaze of pristine awareness, non-personal and nowhere to be ‘found’ is love’s gaze. The word ‘caring’ in the post could just as easily have been ‘loving’. Oh, such love! And such gratitude that they lived long enough for that love to be mutually ‘real-ized’.
      Lovingly ~ ml

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