stark naked on my trusty zafu


anything to report?


metaphorically stark naked
on my trusty zafu

just a couple of breaths
between mind’s madness
and immaculate stillness

there is


this pristine awareness

only this
unnameable Word
penetrating, embracing, enfolding
forming and transforming

loving without measure
or condition

only this
bright inescapable benediction

oh Lover!


8 thoughts on “stark naked on my trusty zafu

  1. So beautiful… I needed this, this morning, and every morning – these delectable words, this reminder that all is pristine awareness – awareing. Actually, I need to spend more time naked on the zafu! Sweet sanity ~
    Much love dear ml…

    1. Christine – it’s always a joy to read your comments. I think we all need reminders, constantly. I love the *echoes* for the way they unfailingly return me to Presence. And yes, to the sweet sanity of silence.
      Love always ~ ml

  2. “just a couple of breaths
    between mind’s madness
    and immaculate stillness…”

    Hello Dear One ~ ever grateful for the naked beauty you share ~ beyond all time and space ~ that bareness of Love, beyond anything that seems to be happening ~

    Yes, love’s breath ~ a blessing ~ shira

    1. Shira – gratefulness comes like a blessing as I read your beautiful comment – thank you. It’s heart-warming to hear from you again.

      The *echoes* are truly an arising from beyond time and space (aka thought :-)) I am humbled again and again by their crazy wisdom.

      On love’s breath ~ ml

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