you want the ultimate refuge?


Echoes from Emptiness: bungee jumping

I was still very young when Granny taught me this little ditty:

sticks and stones
can break my bones
but words can never hurt me!

I hurled that little incantation at many a playground bully, oblivious to its profound truth.

Decades later I found out for myself that whatever ‘I’ is, it can’t be touched, let alone hurt, by words or anything else: no weapon, thought or circumstance has any power over ‘I’.

How could ‘I’ – a ‘something’ that isn’t an object of any kind – ever be a target?

What kind of weapon could ever affect a not-thing that has no particular place in time and space?

You want the ultimate refuge?

Break the bungee cord and free-fall into your very own ‘I’.

It’s nowhere near as scary as you might think.

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5 thoughts on “you want the ultimate refuge?

  1. Perhaps the answers to all of our deep, profound and seemingly Very important questions elude us because we are asking the wrong questions or even that we are asking, at all.

    Perhaps the *secret* to our leading happy and purposeful lives is not in Doing or Becoming but in just Being, Trusting and Allowing.

    Perhaps all of the seeking and wanting, looking and striving is Itself, the source of our discontentment.

    Perhaps Just This, as it IS, in This Moment, however it manifests in this world of appearance is Exactly as it should be.

    Perhaps the *child* in you remembers this, remembers that moment of wonderment when a feather floated softly down before your *open* eyes, when you beheld a miracle and didn’t even ask why.

    Perhaps This Moment contains the very same miracles, the same *open* eyes, the same wonderment, without asking or having to know why…..Just perhaps~<3

      1. Thank you, Miriam~ Writing seems to in~joy coming out of these hands~ Just letting it flow, as it does, without claiming authorship or lack thereof~ Loving the dance of duality, the pristine paradox that allows this “me” to be “thee”~
        Cast all illusions of who you are into the eternal flames of who you Are~*
        Make no movement, neither forward or back to correct that which is already whole~*
        Change Nothing and sit in the fire of your own perfection~*
        Stir the Agni, my Lover, BE the Blaze~*

        Love to you~

      2. Beautiful! Thank you dear satprem. I know exactly what you mean by the flow of writing just “coming out of these hands.”
        Love to you, too ~ ml

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