the morning star rises


Echoes from Emptiness: the morning star rising

a raucous rooster calls up the light –
first, softest indigo melts the blackness
into an orb of welcoming then
the morning star rises

it climbs eagerly,
sometimes obscured by indistinct forms
silent shadowy cut-outs set
against the backdrop blanket of dawning

as it pulls free of the forest canopy
and sails into vastness overhead
the trees trace out their silent shapes
against the lightening horizon

kookaburra cackles in approval,
but it will be a while yet before
the rest of the beaky choir peek out
from cozy wing-tuck to welcome the new day

I’m at point zero on the zafu
eyes and ears on full alert,
senses unfurled, unfolded

the unknowable knowingness
of Life’s ceaseless

and recalling
that over two thousand years ago
a man called Gautama
saw this star rising
in exactly the same


12 thoughts on “the morning star rises

    1. To think/know that someone is out there, reading this little echo – and caring enough to respond – oh this is so touching.

      Thank you sweet *gentlybe*

      With love ~ ml

  1. Morning here in Honolulu (vacation), on my chaise lounge looking out at ocean foam and sipping my first coffee (why does the first coffee of the day taste best?). Thank you Miriam for your morning thusness, a sweet invitation into your part of the globe, so deftly and delicately rendered. I was there with you. But of course I am. 🙂

    1. Oooh – how sweet – Honolulu! I agree, coffee #1 is an impossible act to follow – that’s why I only drink one (monster) mug a day nowadays 🙂

      Thanks for commenting. It’s wondrous to feel your company here in the great land downunder. Visit soon eh?

      Love always ~ ml

      1. laughter! I emailed Vicki to tell her she must “meet” you only to discover it was a done deal long ago. hugs, and YES, down under awaits this northern latituder.

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