your mission: find that independent, sinful, suffering entity


awakening is easy;
wideawakeness is the natural state of any sentient being
so no one has ever been anything but fully awake

so, why does it appear to be difficult to r-e-a-l-i-z-e?

simply because we fail to examine two notions that are automatically acquired,
assumed to be true, and that become set in concrete in our thinking:

1      there’s a separate entity here (somewhere) that thinks thoughts, performs actions, is independent and bears ‘my’ name
2      said entity and its life are imperfect, unsatisfactory, bound, limited and therefore in need of improvement, salvation and awakening

Echoes from Emptiness: Your mission? Find that entity


yet no one, among all the billions of human beings
who have incarnated throughout time,
has ever been able
to find that entity

Can you?

Image – artist unknown.

6 thoughts on “your mission: find that independent, sinful, suffering entity

  1. Yes, the heart of it…have you been to the site, Miriam…I have just “joined” in there, to offer this truth to all who wish to pass through the gate.

    Lori Ann

    1. Thanks for your comment dear Lori Ann – and for introducing me to the *LiberationUnleashed* website. I’ll check it out for sure!
      ~ ml

  2. Thank you for these anecdotes. As much of a conundrum and gift the realization is of an ‘other self’, do you find it as perplexing to stay in that space once the precipice has been crossed? I feel conceptually, abstractly over that line – still releasing the ‘I’ . . .

    1. Hello John -thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      For this scribbler, what was “realized” was/is the impossibility of a separate, independent self of any kind – personal, higher or “other”.
      Is the “precipice” not just another thought – along with all the various versions of self-hood and the wish to release the “I”?
      What remains when all this is seen and falls away?
      Any perplexity there?
      Bowing ~ ml

  3. my wish is to experience the freedom and unity that you speak of, but often feel too hinged by fear to truly be…thank you for your refreshing words

    1. Dear dervisha – if you find these words truly refreshing then your wish is a genuine one – and the outcome is assured. Follow your wish dear one, let it be your guide and be ready to be amazed!

      Thank you for leaving your comment.

      In deep respect ~ miriam louisa

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