we are prodigals by some divine default


when this
becomes home-base
(which it always has been, and yet …
we are prodigals by some divine default)

the view
over the dream-drama called a life

it doesn’t mean you know what’s going to happen;
it means the absence of needing to know
and the presence of an eager, innocent

it doesn’t mean you understand the meaning of life;
it means absence of a need for ultimate meaning
and the presence of ceaseless curiosity:

it doesn’t mean your life-map and context necessarily change;
it means your relationship with everything changes:
what used to need analyzing, fixing, healing,
is no longer a problem

see, you’ve dissolved into this
innocence and wondering and relating
that a tiny thought-form
held you separate from

one tiny thought-form!

dear wee trumped-up me


10 thoughts on “we are prodigals by some divine default

  1. Well done… Miriam, forgive me for contacting you through your comments section (couldn’t find your email listed), but I wonder if you might be available to answer some questions I had with regards to the Manifest ‘theme’ that you use on Word Press? I use the same theme, but haven’t been able to customize it as you have done so impressively… Any input would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at:
    casey@imagineswimming.com. Thank you!

    1. Lovely to see you here Sandra – thanks for leaving a comment.

      The empty comment button is a mystery. Perhaps we’ll have to ask sweet *timethief* … 🙂

      Love ~ miriam louisa

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