then one fine day … you just crack up


Echoes from Emptiness - Ernst Barlach: Laughing Old Woman

When you come into Jung’s second stage, the last half of life, the quest is for the import of the OM that you’ve heard in the heart chakra, so that it will become the forming and structuring energy of your life, without care for achievement, without care for prestige.
~ Joseph Campbell

She-who-scribbles found that the quest doesn’t end with the finding of – and understanding the significance of – the OM in the heart chakra, although it’s a very pleasant place to take a rest.

The inquiry moves on.  It now asks, what ‘hears’ the OM in the heart chakra?  What is this slippery subject that seems to be aware of all this questing and OM-ing?  Why can’t it observe itself no matter how cunningly it’s stalked?  Why, when it can’t ever be avoided or escaped, can it never be known?

Then one fine day you’re sitting with these questions alone refusing to accept the answers of another no matter how reputedly awake and the penny drops right through the works and takes the questions with it and you just crack up guffawing.  OM-G.

Image: Sculpture by Ernst Barlach, 1937, bronze, 20.8 x 30.96 x 12.38, Los Angeles County Museum of Art 


18 thoughts on “then one fine day … you just crack up

  1. Heart resonance and goosebumps with this one dear ml… Indeed the quest doesn’t “end” – the *discovering* continues – grinning and laughing all the way 🙂

    1. Isn’t that amazing Christine? The unfolding of understanding via our creative questions drives the show … when the inquiry ceases conclusions stultify the dynamic and entropy kicks in.
      Heart smiles ~ ml

      1. Thanks! 😀
        I just want to ask you which version you are using for the “Manifest” theme? Is it 1.01 or 1.1? and is it compatible with the last update of WordPress?

        With my thanks..

      2. Hi Reem – I am using the version of “Manifest” that comes with a free blog (I have upgraded to use my own domain name). I don’t know what version that is, but the folk on the forums will know.
        Good luck ~ ml

  2. Hi,
    sorry if I write here but are looking for a solution to my template! I’ve seen you use “Manifest” and then I try to get support from you:)
    I would like to include links inside the head of some template items “link under” such as you did, under the “About” there are other pages as “The Free Fall” and so on.
    I followed the instructions using the feature “parents” but I have not solved .. tell me where you wrong?
    I hope so:)
    Hello and thank you:)

    1. Hello @ninavoice – perhaps you haven’t completed the steps to customize your menu. In your dashboard sidebar go to Appearance – Menus – and then drag the pages into position. Indent the positioning if you want pages to drop down under their parent page. There’s a help page on this topic which might be helpful too.
      Good luck ~ ml

      1. Ok! thank you! If I return to Manifest I will take your advice and I will try if the topic of which you wrote ^ _ ^

        Good writing 🙂

  3. No efforting to the Sound of Silence or Omkar…….awareness unconditioned, unattainable, nothing….yet aware.hehehehehe 🙂

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