all places and all times are nowhere but now-here


Tamborine Mountain, in the great down-under called Oz, wraps its stony self in subtropical rainforest garb.  Peering through spaces in the forest bordering this property I see cultivated areas of huge avocado and macadamia nut trees. There’s a large tree massed with flowers of scarlet.  Beyond, there’s a stand of huge eucalypts, and it’s through their open arms that the sky shows gold, then pearl, as the great Shining climbs out of the Pacific and over the rainforest rim.

Oh delight!

I notice that as this verdant vista unfolds in perception, it brings up a bouquet of similar delights archived in this particular memory:  Normandie, Norway and New Zealand, the English Lake District, Uttarkashi in the Himalaya, and the Western Ghats in Kerala, India.  Each vignette bears its unique geographical and chronological label, yet all places and all times exist nowhere but nowhere in this vastness of mind.



4 thoughts on “all places and all times are nowhere but now-here

  1. Beautiful photo! I need to read Wei-Wu-Wei…(as noticed from your link on now-here). It has occurred here that there is also no “present moment” as that also requires time reference, but every “moment” is Now, whether we consider it the past, present or future, because in each of those moments it is only Now *as* we experience it. Or one could say there is only Now-ing. Now is really spatial awareness of only ‘This’, Papaji said: “By ‘Here’ I don’t mean this presence space. Here is somewhere within where mind cannot reach. Presence is always here, and you are always That. This here is not the opposite of ‘there.’ This here is nowhere, it is your Heart.” Which I think is what you are saying anyway! :). Lots of Love… Christine

    1. I like that – “Now-ing”

      The Know-ing of Now-ing.

      (I feel a post coming on!)

      Many thanks for your juicy comment dearest Christine!

      InLove ~ ml

    1. Including YOU sweet Leslie! 🙂

      Yes it’s a stunning photo – and I could take you to the very spot it was taken …


      in love ~ ml

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