4 thoughts on “I have found you, o builder…

    1. Pooof!

      Lovely to find you here at the *echoes* dear Vicki – thanks for leaving a wee comment.

      Returning your smiles … ~ ml

  1. This is very well seen, intuited. Those thoughts form the ‘personality’ aspect of what we are (not a mind, not a person), even though all thoughts are nothing else than Consciouness or awareness.

    That aspect is what religions have in mind, as a target, for the most part, and why eligions have a reason for existing, and whose benefits, if limited, cannot be denied.

    1. Yes – this is the Play of apparent existence – the Dance. What could the movement of “attention” be but Consciousness / Awareness Itself?

      Thank you for a wise comment – as always, dear AM

      Love ~ ml

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