wideawakeness penetrates the dreamtime


There were dreams last night.  They involved intense activity and the emotional involvement was amazing.  This is curious, for in the dream state called ‘daily life’ there is, for the most part, quiet emotional equanimity.

But clearly emotional reflexes are still intact and available in the brain, and there’s an ego construct that can ‘feel’ them to be real, even while the watching ‘I’ – the Knowingness of the dream – does nothing but be and see.

The impossibility of the separate existence of an entity that can own and suffer emotions penetrates even the night-time dream.

Wondering wonders if there will come a time when night-time dreams will disappear completely.

Strange, but ‘I’ doesn’t give a toss one way or the other.  Night-time dreams and the infinite versions of the daytime dream are all the same to this changeless ‘I’.


4 thoughts on “wideawakeness penetrates the dreamtime

  1. A fully enlightened man, if ever there were one, was the late Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj,… ; to the question whether he had dreams he answered: “of course” (“they are echoes of the waking state”). Concerning deep sleep he said that in it consciousness is suspended, but that “I am aware that I am unconscious… awareness is absolute, consciousness is relative to its content” (Nisargadatta, pp. 28-29).

    To the same question about dreaming, Sri Ramana Maharshi gave this answer: “Yes, [the jnani] dreams , but he knows that he is dreaming, in the same way that he knows that wakefulness itself is a dream. You can call them dream No. 1 and dream No. 2. Being established in the fourth state (that is, turiya, the supreme reality), the jnani is a witness, without attachment, of the other three states… as if they were superimposed on turiya”.

    (from an article of mine: ‘Sleeping, Dreaming, and Awakening’)

    1. “echoes of the waking state” – beautiful.

      Thank you for this dear AM – it’s wonderful to have your wise and well researched comments.

      Love ~ ml

  2. hello! i am newly awake, freshly hatched–one month now..and my experience has been a profound change in the quality of my nocturnal dreams–I very seldom am a character anymore in my dreams, but rather watch characters that are not-me…when I am an “I” in the dream, I am in a body I do not recognize at all, in a scenario that is as if I have inhabited some one elses life, location, age and gender. IN THE FIRST WEEK AFTER I WOKE UP I often DREAMED IN BAR CODES….i know that sounds odd…I am adding this lovely expression of awakened awareness to my blog roll at TheAwakenedDreamer.com!

    1. Beautiful blog dear Lori Ann – I’ve signed up and look forward to reading the traces of *your* journey.
      Thank you for leaving your interesting comment, and for the link in your (proposed?) blogroll.
      “Awareness is here!” – beautiful.
      Love ~ miriam louisa

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