simplicity surfaces when thinking knows its place


Simplicity isn’t a result, an outcome of effort or aspiration.  You can’t cultivate it by de-cluttering or embracing the ‘zen’ aesthetic.

Like wild wideawakeness simplicity is a reflection of original innocence – uncomplicated, unadorned, naked.

It flowers naturally when there’s no longer anyone who needs to impress their apparent world with aggrandizement of body or belongings – including the intellect and the movie of personal experience.

Simplicity surfaces when thinking knows its place.


2 thoughts on “simplicity surfaces when thinking knows its place

    1. Precisely dear AM. It’s astonishing how little one really needs for a healthy and yet productive life, don’t you think? Some tucker, shelter, a garment or two … and I notice how these are provided by the ‘universe’ if one’s primary concern is the Real, rather than illusory self-security.

      Grace has such soft sheltering wings …

      ~ ml

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