naked knowingness needs no witness


liquidly shimmering spider webs
diamante dewdrops sparkling on long tangled grass
long, deep shadows thrown by still-sleepy shrubbery

currawong calling up the day

delicious saturation of greens under cerulean
cool, fresh lightning-charged air
billowing lace drapes…


naked knowingness needs no witness;
it simply recognizes itSelf
it casts
its net of perception


4 thoughts on “naked knowingness needs no witness

  1. Dearest ML,
    The link to ‘I is nothing to do with me’ doesn’t seem to be working…’cannot access.
    OH!!!! Maybe that is the point 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting me know dear Leslie. Was that the link from your email notification about the post? If so I will alert WordPress.

      You can read the { I has nothing to do with me } post by going to the home page – just click on the blog title.

      Sorry for the glitch!

      Love ~ ml

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