whatever IT is, it gets my deepest bows of speechless gratitude


This brain, that was shut down with anesthetic restores itself, miraculously, to crystal clear functioning.  This body, that was a beating corpse on a surgical slab has slept soundly and arises refreshed, resurrected.  This knee, that was entered through four small portals, explored with a magical eye on the end of a probe, excavated to remove four large ‘foreign objects’ and flushed out to remove the smaller bits, rests happily on a plumped-up cushion.  The swelling and soreness subside with each new day.  Healing is happening.

How incredible it is that healing just happens.  Sure, it’s often facilitated by the intervention of surgeons, care-givers, and others with uncanny gifts (Life’s lovely helpers.)  But who can truthfully claim that they ‘do it?’

Whatever the inconceivable ‘IT’ is that lives this body-mind and knows exactly how to restore its systems to their proper functioning – whatever IT is, it gets my deepest bows of speechless gratitude.  I’d be on my knees – but that will have to wait.


4 thoughts on “whatever IT is, it gets my deepest bows of speechless gratitude

  1. No, we don’t do it. We, surgeons, are ony Nature’s helpers. It is vis medicatrix natura, its subordinate, that heals. Asclepius, Hippocrates, and the whole healing host following after them, are It’s willing servants.

    1. Isn’t that absolutely amazingly awesome dear AM?

      How does a bone know how to knit? How does a drop of blood clot? How does a heart pump and an eyelash grow?

      Still not able to kneel – but … mentally on my knees …

      Gratefully ~ ml

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