after the fall into calamitous clarity


after the fall
into calamitous clarity
one cannot call either the state of war
or the state of peace ‘real’

the only reality is the knowing
of war or peace

this unknowable knowingness
which hosts and populates
perception’s phenomena
never takes sides
and has nothing to lose
or to gain


6 thoughts on “after the fall into calamitous clarity

  1. Calamitous clarity does away with denominational duality.

    Such as war and peace, good and bad, right and wrong, heaven and earth, high and low.

    Even with the more complex examples of duality, such as transcendent-immanent, man-woman – they all dissolve in the vision of unity. Only the Real is real: Totality; or unknowable knowingness, as you express it.

    In the case of man-woman, as Schuon put it, individual man should look at woman (his wife) as a divine being, and viceversa. But even this is both a compromise of sorts and an incomplete view, as stated above… But I agree: woman – the goddess (Saraswati, Lakshmy, Kaly or Durga – all one and the same) is Transcendent (shall we say that man is immanent??).

    1. Dear AM – we can say whatever we like, as we do, and long may we do so … but “Only the Real is real” and it makes no difference to It at all!

      It’s the ultimate poetic license, yes?

      As Katherine put it – WOW

      Fondly ~ ml

  2. … i was attending a workshop with Silvia Nakkach (a pioneer in the field of voice and transformation of consciousness) a few months ago; she was referring to the syllable WOW as the western version of the sacred syllable OM ….

    ~~ so let me join the choir: w o w

    1. Oh @iris – how amazing! Thank you for your precious contribution – and for mentioning the work of Silvia Nakkach – I love the way the *echoes* open up new connections like this.

      Love to you, dear fellow chorister!
      ~ miriam louisa

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