zafu view: hare and now


On the first day of a new month in New Zealand we used to say “rabbits” before uttering any other words.  I have no idea why rabbits – but it was considered bad luck to forget!

Echoes from Emptiness - Hare on full alert

I’m on the other side of the Tasman on this first morning of a new month.  And I think of those ‘Kiwi’ rabbits as I watch a huge hare feeding in the field outside Bliss Cottage.

There he sits, utterly present, ears poised, munching, washing his face with deft paws, then rubbing those paws together whilst perched on his powerful hind legs, turning to each of the four directions one by one.  He’s a creature wholly at one with his habitat.

The mountain is still rain-cloud shrouded with pale shafts of sunlight breaking through, but hare doesn’t seem to care.  The fresh grass growth is juicy and moist with ever-present mist.  He just gets on with hare-ing naturally in here and now.

Hare. And. Now.

Image: Copyright Austin Thomas


2 thoughts on “zafu view: hare and now

  1. Don’t you just love watching nature, particularly the animals. I love noticing how the rabbits are just content to be who they are, doing what they do – not thinking about whether they are “enlightened” or “awake” or how to find Who they are…They just do what they do: they just BE! Lovely post – a good warm fuzzy to start the day with… Warm fuzzies to you!

    1. Yes dear Christine … “they just BE!”

      Such wondrous teachers.

      Thank you for the comment and the fuzzies!

      ~ ml

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